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Tomorrow's collections and recovery business today

Clients are looking for an intuitive combination of event-driven action and intelligent workflows that take digital engagement to a new level. CGI Credit Studio with CACS X enables the business to deliver diverse content and unparalleled data enrichment in every facet of the collections business allowing you to maximize automation without sacrificing personalization.

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Make every interaction matter

Every customer’s situation is unique and the ability to solicit, analyze, and intelligently collaborate across channels of preference through digital conversations improves repayment rates. CACS X is so much more than digital; it is a super-charged collections platform that is redefining how non-telephony communication channels can support customer interactions. 

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Think big and go fast

CGI Credit Studio’s SaaS architecture introduces several innovative features that minimize change risk while improving time to value.  Business functions powered by pre-built workflows enable operational-centric adoption strategies while platform data connectors keep legacy systems in place. The result is the ability to iterate with the purpose of maximizing return on investment while minimizing resource commitments and wasted expenses.

Real-time, event-driven architecture

Meet your customers' digital expectations with 24x7, event-driven, next-best-action and real-time triggers to maintain customer engagement on their terms.


Reduce inbound volume while delivering a friendly customer experience by delivering intuitive self-service tools with expanded channels and bi-directional virtual assisted collections.

Intelligent, workflow-driven automation and execution

Collect and assess new information to identify intelligent next steps for accounts and customer interactions to maximize cure activities.

Real digital conversations

Succeed in having digital conversations that provide meaningful debt resolution options based on each customer’s unique circumstances.

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With decades of collections experience and over $1 trillion in outstanding debt processed daily for the world’s largest financial institutions, we offer next-generation default management that reflects significant technology investments and a steadfast commitment to helping clients transform default management and recovery.

Serving 15 of the top 20 banks in the world with 14,000 banking professionals, we can help you streamline default management, improve your customer relationships, and drive IT innovation that will increase profit and accelerate growth.