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A new lending experience

Advanced fraud detection, enhanced data-driven credit decisions, and the ability to digitally interact at the time of application can help credit issuers eliminate friction, establish instant loyalty, and increase initial loan utilization. Incorporating advanced technology capabilities to deliver hyper-personalized application experiences can be a key differentiator across increasingly competitive loan markets.

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Lend more with intelligent decisions

Traditional lending systems are costly to maintain and difficult to change. As third-party data providers and non-conventional data sets continue to emerge, modernizing your approach to keep pace with competitors is becoming increasingly difficult. CGI Credit Studio with ACAPS X increases change velocity by simplifying data integrations, compressing A/B testing cycles, and simplifying the way in which workflows are configured to make more intelligent lending and line assignment decisions.

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Regulatory adherence

State and federal requirements are constantly shifting as consumer protection groups continue to enact more refined provisions. Maintaining compliance and adhering to changing requirements while lending at scale can be daunting. CGI Credit Studio and ACAPS X can help turn risk into opportunity. Workflow-driven lending processes augmented by multiple levels of configurability mean that even the most challenging regulatory provisions can be programmatically enforced so your business can grow at scale.

Optimized approval accuracy

Support rapid strategy evolution and continual model learning through embedded intelligence to deliver accurate, immediate decisions and optimize approval accuracy.

Enhanced fraud detection

Take advantage of improved fraud detection solutions, newly available consumer data, and alternative data sources for safer lending.

Improved customer satisfaction

Through a personalized, digital experience and real-time applicant interaction, customers have greater insight into the loan process and a higher level of confidence that the right decision is being made.

Enhanced operational control

Dynamic workflows that expand fraud detection capabilities and incorporate alternative analytics within the decision process.

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Why partner with CGI to create a tailored lending experience?

With decades of credit experience, we offer next-generation credit management through cloud-native standards and an unwavering commitment to clients within the credit management sector. Our clients benefit from a track record that includes:

  • 40+ years of experience across all lines of the credit industry
  • 120+ implementations of CGI originations software for some of the world’s largest organizations
  • Best-in-class awards from analysts such as Gartner and Aite Novarica

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