Meeting today's modern document migration challenges

Current document migration practices are highly-manual, lack artificial intelligence/natural language processing capabilities and are unable to scale due to framework limitations. This has led to unpredictable project timelines, low data quality confidence and reduced performance. Today, organizations generate massive amounts of documents and metadata throughout their many lines of business. As organizations modernize, we are seeing a growing need for cleaning up, classifying and moving this information to new systems.

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Partnering with CGI for document migration

We have 40+ years experience as a trusted partner to clients and over 15 years executing complex migrations successfully. CGI IntelliMigrate360 is a platform that leverages a high-performance data transformation engine, automation, artificial intelligence/machine learning capabilities, scalable cloud architecture and CGI’s proven migration methodology to provide document migration capabilities for rapid deployment at scale for on-premise and cloud-based platforms.

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High-performance data transformation

CGI IntelliMigrate360 enables high-performance data transformation using event-driven technology built on scalable cloud architecture.

Adaptable solution designed to scale

CGI IntelliMigrate360 is adaptor based to scale to different target and source platforms with robust transformation rules capable of handling the most complex business rules.

Quality via automation and AI-driven intelligence

Automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning are built into the CGI IntelliMigrate360 platform. This enables automated pre-migration checks and document sampling using RPA, resulting in higher data quality confidence.

Industry expertise

We  provide industry SMEs who know the data and processes to accelerate analysis and mappings. While CGI IntelliMigrate360 has primarily been used for the health and life sciences industry, it also has cross-industry capabilities. Currently, CGI has:

  • Completed +1000 biopharma projects for 50+ clients
  • 5000 professionals supporting the health and life sciences industry

Migration methodology accelerator

CGI IntelliMigrate360 was built leveraging our 15+ years of migration experience and is aligned with CGI’s migration methodology. Our methodology provides accelerators across all areas of the migration life cycle and has demonstrated consistent results with highly successful migrations to and from the following systems:

  • Veeva Vault
  • OpenText Documentum based applications including Webtop, D2, and FirstDocs
  • File shares

Veeva Certified Partner

CGI is a Veeva certified migration services partner.

Veeva Migration Certified Services Partner

Explore the benefits of a modern document migration platform

Document delivery efficiency

Save up to 20% of time and effort on the document migration process using the migration methodology

Reduced manual processes with automation

Automates traditionally manual processes, including document classification, data clean-up, mapping services and accelerated intelligent data discovery

Meet document migration compliance obligations

 We partner with your quality departments to ensure regulatory standards are met

Continuous innovation in AI-enable information intelligence

CGI will continue to assess innovations in automation and AI-enabled information intelligence for features to incorporate into CGI IntelliMigrate360


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