Transforming processes through greater efficiency

Managing government cases, applications and claims traditionally has involved labor-intensive processes that are costly and slow.

CGI Advantage Case Management automates and transforms processes for creating and managing cases to improve efficiency, flexibility and customer service. Integrated with CGI Advantage ERP, this flexible, web-based solution provides workflow automation, document management, party management, collaboration and risk and performance reporting capabilities bundled together in a business administration engine.

Business advantages include:

  • Complete solution: Provides comprehensive functionality to create and manage cases using industry-standard technology including workflow automation, document management, party management, collaboration and reporting

  • Adaptability and flexibility: Configuration engine reduces the need for costly customizations and allows processes to be modified quickly and easily when required

  • Quick implementation: Enables an implementation to be prototyped within weeks and then finalized to meet client requirements and expectations

  • Control: Provides maximum control over the management of rules, processes and the case management lifecycle

  • Transparency: Provides full transparency of case management processes, facilitating analysis, change management, reporting and auditing.

CGI Advantage Case Management supports unique public sector business rules and processes while providing flexibility to meet client-specific business automation needs without the risk and expense of an IT development effort.