As a UiPath partner, what value do we deliver to clients?

Together, CGI and UiPath help clients realize more than just process efficiencies. By automating complex decisions and interactions on a spectrum that ranges from augmentation to citizen development, we enable employees to focus on higher-value work. The depth of these capabilities was recognized in 2022, when UiPath awarded CGI the Impact Partner of the Year, for our expertise in helping clients reach full autonomy.



Expertise that drives outcomes

CGI utilizes the UiPath Business Automation Platform to generate positive outcomes for clients at scale and pace. We have a team of over a thousand trained and experienced automation professionals, with depth in industry domains and expertise in emerging technologies to harness the power of artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, process mining, data management, cloud, cyber security, and more.

hands typing on keyboard with data on computer screen

trained, certified, experienced RPA professionals worldwide
advanced analytics and artificial intelligence experts
global automation centers of excellence, local practices and labs

Discover process automation opportunities

CGI leverages industry expertise and UiPath discovery tools to bring forth and uncover new transformational automation opportunities. Through workshops, and process and task mining we provide process insights that lead to improved operations.

Automation implementation and DevOps

Our team of experts offers automation implementation leveraging agile and DevOps to accelerate the time to value. Through our lean agile flex model, we scale with your business and bring the right skills to meet your needs.

Optimize UiPath platform operations

CGI optimizes your UiPath platform support, management, scalability, and maintenance as you automate more within your organization. Through proven methodology, proactive monitoring and skilled support staff, we ensure your UiPath platform is delivering continuous business value.

Drive platform adoption

CGI Accel360 is a flexible, cost-effective automation as a service offering enabling rapid automation discovery, build, and value realization without the need to manage and run the platform. CGI drives automation adoption across your organization and runs UiPath in a CGI cloud or wherever you desire.