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Jennifer Ricker

State finance leaders are embracing the new wave of government modernization

April 12, 2024 Government leaders across the country are seeking opportunities to improve services and implement new technologies to modernize operations while remaining responsible stewards of tax dollars.

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Emma Gist, Ph.D.

AI applied to Navy condition-based maintenance

April 4, 2024 Artificial intelligence technologies are maturing rapidly, and federal agencies are looking for opportunities to improve their operations using AI. Our Navy client partners are accumulating more data by volume than ever before. It is our mission to help clients seize...

AI integration in finance offers opportunities alongside ethical and regulatory challenges. Achieving success requires a balance between innovation and responsibility. Financial institutions must prioritize ethical AI frameworks, collaborate with experts, and ensure transparency in their operations.

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Kevin Cool

Engineering enablement and the transformative power of Automated Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD)

March 11, 2024 In the evolving software and product development landscape, one method is emerging as a game-changer — Automated Acceptance Test Driven Development. This approach revolutionizes the traditional development process and addresses key challenges, enabling teams to confidently set and achieve goals...

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Eliza Lott

Financial services guardrails for AI explainability, ethics and trust

February 23, 2024 For centuries the financial services sector has pioneered enhanced services and engaging customer experiences (CX) through innovation. In its growing popularity, artificial intelligence (AI) is further revolutionizing the industry with advancements in machine learning, predictive analytics, and natural language processing...

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Douglas Leal

Powering up with governance: The AI revolution in utilities

February 20, 2024 The utility industry finds itself at a crossroads, wavering between the immense potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize every aspect of energy production and distribution and the weighty concerns of regulations, data security, and ethical considerations.

Whether you're moving full steam ahead or moving more slowly towards adoption, both approaches carry risks. Organizations that move forward must have a clear strategy that is aligned with business priorities and takes into account security risks, reputational and financial...