Assess risks without business disruption

At the heart of our solution, CGI EnvironmentMonitor360 uses space data and technology to help you assess risks and damage from natural events, such as hurricanes, floods and storms. Because space data is event and weather independent, it provides a continuous data source, including historical and non-visible data and there are no boundary limitations.

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With this solution, we offer the following services:

  • Change detection service
  • Deformation service
  • Damage detection service
  • Thermal service
  • Object detection service
  • Environmental-related services

While many risk factors are beyond organizations’ control, our innovative asset management solution provides valuable insights into business operations to help you identify potential issues that require close monitoring and rapid response.

With CGI EnvironmentMonitor360, risk assessments can be done remotely, reducing risk and costs. Business continuity, not business disruption, is ensured during the assessment.

Example use cases:

  • Insurers verify the authenticity of insurance claims using “before and after” data comparisons.
  • Farmers improve the sustainability and performance of greenhouses with a satellite-based data service providing insights into the condition of those greenhouses.
  • Governments can improve inspections of waterways using satellite data to map our large areas along with machine learning to assess their status, automatically.

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