Satellite above clouds

Achieve mission success with simulators of satellite subsystems, ground stations, orbits for mission preparation, validation and training.

Delivering mission-critical management and control systems

We design and manage the ground infrastructure of space programs—using complex, software-intensive systems to ensure timely and on-budget deployments.

We also assure the success of space missions through a range of simulators that model satellite subsystems, ground stations, orbits and the environment to support operations preparation, validation and training. These tools are brought together in comprehensive operational simulators that model all aspects of the spacecraft mission.

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Experience and expertise

  • We have been developing the testing and configuration test bed for the second generation of the European Space Agency’s Galileo system (G2G). The project focuses on accurate and robust long-distance time-and-frequency transfer links. These are critical for the operation and performance of Galileo’s ground infrastructure.
  • CGI worked with ESA’s European Space Astronomy Centre to define a common software engineering environment where a core set of tools and procedures are shared across teams.
  • We provide standardized interfaces for space-mission planning for the ESA. This enables  missions with multiple users and reduces the need to re-engineer standards for every mission.

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