Creating space downstream applications

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Space technology may seem expensive or inaccessible, but many organizations are using satellites to deliver faster, better services and at lower cost. Space offers unique capabilities that cannot be delivered any other way. Growing at an average of 9% per year over the last decade, space-related IT is one of the world’s fastest growing sectors.

Our space applications and services extract information from satellite data—including weather, navigation, telecommunication, and geographical survey information. We have developed space-enabled applications for health, transportation, government, agriculture, maritime, oil and gas, trading, finance, and insurance.

Developing an application or service often brings together many technologies and systems. Our applications and services meet the highest safety-critical standards, operating reliably around-the-clock, resolving the toughest technical issues and enabling clients to achieve maximum performance from their space assets. We offer reliable, managed services to host our solutions and a proven track record.

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Experience and expertise

  • Use of satellite navigation to demonstrate virtual tolling for motorists and to improve safety at rail crossings
  • Predicting and tracking the impact in response to oil spills
  • Use of Earth observation data and artificial intelligence to develop services for wildfire mapping
  • Development of hybrid satellite-terrestrial mobile broadband network for next-generation European emergency service communications
  • Use of high-resolution imagery to support growth analysis of high-value crops, in particular sugar beets and potatoes
  • Deployment of eHealth services via satcom in Africa to deliver expert advice and training to remote regions
  • Analysis of interconnecting journey legs for real-time route planning
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