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Unique capabilities for unique challenges

Space security challenges require considerable experience and knowledge to address. For example, the high capital value of space assets like satellites means the high cost of a security breach. Radio links between satellites and the ground need to be protected against unauthorized interception, corruption and spoofing. Some ground facilities are geographically isolated and/or unmanned, so require special security as well. The distinction between commercial and military space is becoming blurred. Security requirements, therefore, need to be revisited.

Our space cyber team has the niche expertise required to handle these unique challenges. Our extensive track record in space is complemented by our strong capabilities in security. We are involved with many leading space security groups currently forging new standards. We also work closely within the space and cyber domains to build high-resilience solutions.

  • CGI in Estonia is part of a consortium that signed a cybersecurity contract with the European Space Agency (ESA) to strengthen the rapidly growing space sector against cyberattacks. The consortium is building a simulator that allows for the development, testing and validation of satellite communication in a controlled environment. The simulator also will improve the cyber defense competence of satellite operators, system administrators and IT security experts.
  • We operate Security Operations Centers (SOCs) to provide commercial and public sector clients with range of global IT security services supported by local, highly qualified cybersecurity experts. The centers facilitate comprehensive monitoring and evaluation of an organization's data and systems to proactively identify security risks and assist with their remediation. Through sophisticated big-data capabilities, our experts can uncover hidden patterns of cyberattacks that would otherwise go undetected.