How can you protect the business without inhibiting innovation and pace?

With CGI’s Cybersecurity Advisory Services and Accelerators, you can increase agility and innovation while ensuring holistic management of cyber risks. We work with you to assess, design and build what it takes to operate confidently and transform at pace.


Achieving a balanced, proactive, insights-led approach

Today’s organizations require agility and innovation to deliver seamless digital experiences—anytime, anywhere. In response, customer, employee and supplier ecosystems have become more complex, connected and open. At the same time, cyber risks and threats are growing in velocity and complexity.

To address these challenges, enterprises need a balanced, proactive and insights-led cybersecurity approach. This includes managing human and non-human digital identities and access, protecting both information and operational technologies, securing multi-cloud environments, safeguarding automation and artificial intelligence workloads, and complying with increasing regulations.

Rooted in 45 years of experience in securing critical business systems across a range of industries globally, our Cybersecurity Advisory Services and Accelerators include:

  • Cybersecurity and Privacy by Design Framework: Building a framework to ensure that cybersecurity and privacy are baked into design and not bolted on
  • Security Service Center Design: Helping you design a security service center that accesses new skills in a flexible way, retains critical knowledge, and leverages automation to enable resilience
  • Security Target Operating Model Design: Designing a target security operating model by assessing your as-is, identifying weaknesses and gaps, and designing the new model, including processes and governance
  • Secure Multi-Cloud Operations Advisory: Helping you to better integrate cloud services and empowering you to use accelerators
  • Secure Automation Advisory: Helping you secure automation initiatives by assessing their automation maturity and using our reference model for recommending measures
  • Digital Risk Management Advisory: Helping you manage risks effectively and in a balanced way, while ensuring you continue to deliver business outcomes at pace 
  • Digital Identity and Access Management (IAM) Advisory: Providing strategic advice for managing human and silicon identities, including strategy development, operating model design, and external IAM advisory
  • Digital Security Operations Modernization Advisory: Helping you to assess your current state of capability and visibility, and prioritize practical recommendations for achieving the optimal end state of secure operations

Case in point

Moving to the cloud securely and reliably

When a large aerospace and defense company sought to implement its public cloud migration strategy, data security and service reliability were of critical importance.

Based on our significant experience in third-party vendor management, as well as managing cloud environments and their related risks, the client engaged us to assist in negotiating the security management aspects of its public cloud contracts.

This included developing a standard security annex and contract clauses, analyzing cloud provider security practices, conducting negotiation workshops, and providing a residual risk assessment. For the tailored security annex, we defined criteria for selecting applicable security requirements based on service type and identified process improvements.

In addition to completing negotiations, the client now has a standard set of requirements and documented process to support future procurements that includes early involvement of the security team.