Organizations must increasingly defend against security threats from data leaks, hackers, state-sponsored organizations, industrial espionage and more. Geopolitical instability amplifies these threats to the business. 

Digital acceleration continues to have a high impact on organizations, while business functions increasingly are performing technology work. Enterprise ecosystems are more complex, connected, and open, creating greater exposure for cybersecurity risks.

It is no surprise that cybersecurity and risk management remain high on the C-level agenda. At the same time, the role of today’s Chief Security Officer (CSO) requires expanded skills in management, communications, budgeting and beyond.

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Cybersecurity tops industry trends


Source: 2023 CGI Voice of Our Clients

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Effective risk management is essential to organizational success. It requires a comprehensive approach for determining investments and business strategy, as well as managing regulatory risk—and cybersecurity must be a central component. At CGI, our business consultants help clients assess, design and build what it takes to operate confidently and transform at pace.

Our Cybersecurity and Risk Advisory services help you prepare for the digital realities of today and the future by thinking boldly and acting pragmatically.

  • Risk Consulting - Providing risk management, as well as audit and internal control consulting by bringing strong methodological expertise and experience
  • Cybersecurity Consulting - Providing advice and expertise in areas including business continuity planning, crisis management, privacy advisory
  • Cybersecurity & Risk Mitigation Solutions - Assisting clients in finding solutions to address their risk mitigation plans, including domain areas such as identity and access management, threat management including specialized processes, solutions, and services, and information protection
  • Digitization of Control Functions - Implementation of solutions allowing for the seamless integration of control frameworks (such as ISO 2700x/31000, COSO, COBIT, NIST), policies, and regulations that govern the organization
  • Auditing - Defining action plans and monitoring their implementation; our control capabilities encompass various methods (such as IIA), including technical controls like penetration testing

They also bring business expertise, best practices and accelerators, such as maturity and classification models, blueprints and reference architectures, integration templates, and operating and governance models.

As an end-to-end cybersecurity partner, we offer deep insights and practical know-how—from diagnosis, solution identification and design, to control implementation and checks. Our services are rooted in successful outcomes evolved from decades of advising, creating and securing critical systems in complex environments across all industries, including within the demanding defense and intelligence sector.

Running eight security operations centers globally to help clients continuously monitor and mitigate cyber threats in real-time, we have invested heavily in our credentials, working closely with international security associations and standards bodies to stay ahead of the evolving domains.

Cases in point

Updating a European utility’s risk mapping

For this energy company, CGI helped bring into compliance their overall risk map and make it correspond to their context. This included presenting new regulatory and normative requirements, conducting risk assessment workshops, updating their risk management software and developing and prioritizing operational action plans. Key outcomes include:

  • Improved risk management by enabling the client to identify, assess and prioritize risks more efficiently
  • Strengthened regulatory compliance and increased operational efficiency
Conducting risk analysis for a European interior ministry

For this government department, CGI provided expertise in risk analysis, continuity plans, certifications and general project management. CGI business consultants helped the client set up a service center to respond adaptively to requests. They also worked to industrialize procedures to optimize efforts and focus on value-added cybersecurity work. Key outcomes include:

  • Establishing security policies and business continuity plans (BCPs)
  • Strengthening regulatory compliance
  • Providing security training and awareness
Supporting a CISO’s cyber crisis management exercise

For a leading transportation company, CGI supported the organization of a crisis management exercise on a targeted cyber-attack scenario. This included coordination of 3 Epics and defining a global information systems resilience training plan. Key outcomes include:

  • Developing a global training plan and a cybersecurity training standards 
  • Conducting a simulation day for three crisis units 
  • Raising awareness at the highest levels about cyber crisis planning

By connecting strategy to execution and bridging competing imperatives, we help clients think boldly and act pragmatically through our business consulting services.

Learn how we combine decades of consulting experience and a deep understanding of our clients’ operations with best practices, tools, and frameworks to accelerate results.

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