Cybersecurity is firmly on the critical path for digital enterprises, with board-level accountability. As reflected in the CGI Client Global Insights, there is a strong link between digital transformation and protecting the organization, as greater use of digital technology in ...

As a leading systems integrator with extensive knowledge of the latest tools from leading vendors, we work with clients to:

  • Understand their supply chains, analyze threats, prioritize critical assets and functions, map existing investments, model secure systems development, and engineer targeted defense in depth—resulting in balanced solutions for vulnerability diagnostics and mitigation

  • Create secure enterprise architectures, providing the strategies and enablers that secure applications, data and systems

  • Deliver senior system, software, data and communications engineering teams—supported by cleared personnel, infrastructure and facilities—to protect sensitive data, intellectual property, business functions and logistics

  • Secure client infrastructure and connections with customers, partners and suppliers

Key services include:

  • Secure solutions and engineering

  • Systems integration

  • Security architectures and technologies

  • DevSecOps – Agile and Secure Software Development Lifecycle

  • CGI intellectual property for cyber resilience

  • Proof of concept/value

  • Cybersecurity project work