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Cybersecurity advisory and accelerators

With  CGI’s Cybersecurity Advisory Services and Accelerators, you can securely and confidently increase agility and innovation.

We work with you to assess, design and build what it takes to operate confidently and transform at pace.

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Today’s organizations require agility and innovation to deliver seamless digital experiences—anytime, anywhere. In response, customer, citizen, employee and supplier ecosystems have become more complex, connected and open. At the same time, cyber risks and threats are growing in velocity and complexity. This requires a modern and connected security approach.

Evolved and proven through 45 years of advising, creating and securing critical business systems in complex, environments across the globe, including the defense and intelligence sectors, our advisory services are rooted in successful outcomes. We have also invested heavily in establishing our credentials, working closely with international security associations and standards bodies to remain abreast of the evolving domain. Our consultants understand your industries as well as work with your unique needs.

We help you navigate the new security paradigm, while enabling agility, efficiency and competitive advantage. Through our expert consultants, deep technical and business knowledge, best practices and accelerators, we provide strategic advisory services that help you prepare for the digital realities of today and the future. Our accelerators include maturity and classification models, blueprints and reference architectures, integration templates, and operating and governance models.

Experienced and credentialed security specialists combine their proficiency in best-of-breed tooling and industry-recognized concepts to deliver relevant advice to fit your unique needs


10+ million 
Serving as and access control function for
10+ million Industrial IoT digital assets for an
industry-wide service
Security Operations Centers globally delivering around-the-clock cyber detection and prevention services to business and government clients


There is a strong link between digital transformation and protecting the organization. As reflected in the CGI Client Global Insights, this year, 83% of client executives we interviewed rank employee training and awareness as the top cybersecurity element for the organization.

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Read how CGI helped define a Cybersecurity Strategy Statement for Digital New Brunswick


Cloud-based solutions are increasingly part of organization’s work ecosystems. According to CGI Client Global Insights, 64% of client executives we interviewed say securing cloud platforms is a key cybersecurity element for their organization. 

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Learn how CGI helped a large aerospace and defense company move securely and reliably to the cloud.


Today’s connected world is enabled by an increasing number of IoT devices, sensors and APIs and software robots. According to CGI Client Global Insights, client executives mentioned cybersecurity awareness / challenges most frequently as their top business and IT priority.                                               

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Discover how we’re enabling identity and access management for UK Smart Meter. 

Digital Identity & Access Management Advisory

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We help ensure trusted identities in a connected and open world.

Our IAM services include:

  • IAM Strategy and Roadmap

  • IAM Operating Model Design

  • External Identities Management Strategy

  • Silicon (non-human) Identities Strategy

  • IAM Federation and Integration Advisory

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Digital Risk Management Advisory

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We help you manage and respond to cyber risks from end-to-end, without sacrificing business agility and innovation.

Our services include: 

  • Integrated Risk Management 

  • Cyber Transformation Service Framework

  • Privacy and Compliance Assessment 

  • Supply Chain Resilience and Risk Assessment 

  • Cybersecurity Crisis Preparedness

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Digital Security Operations Modernization Advisory

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Together we build modern, proactive security operations for the digital world.

Our services include:

  • Secure Operations Capability Assessment 

  • Secure Operations Visibility Assessment 

  • Managed Content Services 

  • Replatforming Secure Operations Advisory

  • Security Operations Modernization Strategic Business Case

  • Security Operations Mentoring and Training 

  • Cybersecurity Crisis Response Support

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Cybersecurity Advisory and Accelerators

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We work with you to assess, design and build what it takes to operate confidently and transform at pace.

In addition to the focused services listed above, we also provide: 

  • Cybersecurity and Privacy by Design Framework

  • Security Service Center Design 

  • Security Target Operating Model Design

  • Secure Multi-Cloud Operations Advisory

  • Secure Automation Advisory 

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