With a view on space flight activities, the technology fields Robotics and Autonomy are closely connected with the topics of Space Exploration and In-Orbit Servicing (OOS).

International space exploration programmes (e.g. to Mars and Moon) will not only rely on probes and satellites – but they will also rely on new mission elements such as Landers, Orbiters and Rovers.

CGI has been involved with numerous spacecraft missions that play a vital role in the exploration of the solar system; BepiColombo | Cluster II | GAIA | Herschel | Integral | Lisa Pathfinder | Mars Express | Planck | Rosetta | SOHO | Solar Orbiter | Venus ExpressXMM | ULYSSES | HUYGENS

Our Space Science software encompasses all aspects of mission lifecycles; from system requirements, architecture, design, and integration through to simulation and modelling, testing, validation, quality assurance, operation and maintenance, and programme management.

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In addition to many years of software experience, most members of the group also have considerable hardware experience including the design of flight hardware for missions such as ESA AEOLUS, ESA EXOMARS ROVER, and NASA GRACE Follow-On.

As a result of this expertise, CGI is ideally placed to perform system-level software tasks as well as producing code.