Equal opportunities for all

Everyone shall have an equal opportunity for employment and advancement based on ability, necessary qualifications and fitness for work irrespective of sex, age, marital status, civil partnership, sexual orientation, colour, race, creed, religion or national or ethnic origin. To monitor our effectiveness in this area, we ask all applicants and members to complete an equal opportunities form as part of the recruitment process.

We give full and fair consideration to all applications for employment from disabled persons, having regard to particular aptitudes and abilities, and continuing where possible the employment of staff who become disabled.

A safe environment to be yourself

We live by the motto that you can bring your whole self to work and this means being your authentic self. We don't tolerate discrimination and harassment and have a grievance procedure for complaints about discriminatory conduct, and a harassment policy for any complaints related to sexual or racial harassment. We want our members to feel able to raise such grievances without fear of penalty, unless it’s untrue or made in bad faith.

Committed to equal opportunities for everyone

We are committed to recruiting women, students, those with disabilities and other historically under-represented groups. We ensure that all organisational policies, pay, hours of work, training, performance review schemes, disciplinary or other procedures and benefits are designed to promote equal opportunity and provide protection for all members.

Women of CGI

Women of CGI

We’re passionate about inclusion and development. We’re also passionate about bringing the next generation of young females in to STEM.

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Arm amputee perched on desk smiling at the camera.

Disability support

Inclusion and development is at the heart of the CGI Dream. We are passionate about removing barriers that prevent you from fulfilling your potential.

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