Unconditionally inclusive

At CGI, we are unconditionally inclusive. So you always have a place where you can be unconditionally you.

We want our members to feel empowered to bring their whole selves to work. We believe that women are vital to the future of STEM, and only through harnessing talent across all genders can we create meaningful change to our clients and communities. We have a dedicated Women’s Network and supporting initiatives to ensure the women of CGI feel supported, seen and valued so they can fulfill their full potential and thrive.


Celebrating International Women's Day 2023


The theme for International Women's Day this year is Embrace Equity. So we asked our Women’s Network what equity means to them. In this video, our members discuss the ways CGI is embracing equity everyday, through our dedicated Women’s Network and supporting initiatives and how it’s making a real difference.



Diversity, equity and inclusivity is a key business objective


Encouraging unconditional inclusivity in the workplace creates a safe place for our members to learn, educate each other and innovate. By harnessing talent that reflects the diversity of our clients we are able to develop solutions and systems that will ultimately lead to more successful outcomes for CGI and for our clients.

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women in technology

At CGI, we are committed to sharing our progress in growing the representation of women at all levels of the organisation. Annually, we report these measures in our ESG report.

women members overall
of SBU Presidents are women
of women on the Board of Directors

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