We believe it is our social responsibility to do everything we can to increase the number of women going into STEM careers. This means increasing the number of women studying STEM subjects, which requires getting girls excited about STEM so that they will choose to study it.

Stella STEM’s Activity Pad is designed to enthuse and excite young girls about STEM subjects. The aim is to get them asking questions and looking for answers so that they will realise science is fun, and, hopefully, choose to go on to study it later in life.

We are trying to show girls that STEM subjects aren’t just for boys, and these booklets are designed for just that. They contain information and exercises on a number of STEM subjects, as well as some examples of incredible women throughout history who excelled in their fields and influenced the world of STEM for the better, creating the world that we know today.

Interstella “Stella” STEM 

Stella STEM standing with hand on hip

I’m Stella! I was created to encourage more young girls to take an interest in STEM and the different subjects it includes. I’m designed to appeal to the 5-12 year old age range.

 Soleil “Sol” STEM

Sol Stem standing with hand out

I’m Sol – Stella’s big sister! I was created to encourage more young women to take an interest in STEM careers and the subjects to study to get into these careers. I’m designed to appeal to the 13-18 year old age range.

5 - 8 years old

Stella STEM holding abacus and protrator


8 - 12 years old

Stella STEM floating in an astronaut suit


13 - 15 years old

Sol STEM wearing over ear headphone and holding laptop


16 - 18 years old

Sol STEM in science lab coat holding smoking test tube


 18+ years old

Stella and Sol STEM leaning on eachother



Introducing Scottish Sisters in STEM

Our Scottish Sisters in STEM booklets are designed to inspire girls to embark on their STEM journey.

These booklets delve into Scotland’s rich legacy of STEM contributions with a STEM timeline showcasing just some of Scotland contributions to STEM. The booklets are also packed with profiles on contemporary Scottish role models, STEM subject information and job insights.


Join us in celebrating Scotland’s remarkable contributions to STEM:


Ages 13 - 15               Ages 16 - 18

Scottish flag