When Rebecca Cackett joined CGI 12 years ago, she was just starting her career… now she heads our Learning and Development department in the UK. In this article she shares her own experience of progress, inspiration and continuous support for a climbing career.

March 2024

Inclusive cultures create successful people

Being part of an organisation that values diversity like CGI is really important to me. A high percentage of our senior leadership team in the UK are women, including our President, Tara McGeehan, which really inspires me. I can see what’s possible here, and the career support you get, whoever you are and that’s why I’ve stayed so long.

There is always a new development opportunity, someone to ask for help or advice, and a warm and welcoming conversation to be had if I need guidance on a decision, a change of role, or what the next step looks like for me. I’ve never been afraid to ask for advice, even if in my head it’s a silly question! I always get the feeling CGI just really wants to help me succeed.


Inclusion’s role in success

I’ve been at CGI for 12 years. I started my career here. The environment has always been very inclusive, a place you don’t worry about facing bias or gender barriers. That’s how it should be - starting out your career can be daunting enough without the added worry about whether you will fit in. Everyone should have the same opportunities at work.

Since I joined, my career has progressed in such a positive way. I’ve seen multiple female colleagues do the same. Many are now leaders. Some of these people are employees I’ve hired myself, and it's the most rewarding feeling to see them progressing and excelling at what they do. I find it very motivating seeing how much potential there is to keep moving forward here. It always pushes me to seek out my next step and next opportunity. 


Your career grows when you take that chance

This brings me to my next point - the number one contributor to my career growth. I have taken every opportunity that has come my way, even if I don't believe I am completely ready for it. In doing so, I have worked towards the role I have now. Every role I’ve had has prepared me for this one.

I’ve recognised that I just need to throw myself into things sometimes, even if deep down I'm nervous about it. Speaking to people, shadowing and just getting on with the job is the best way to learn. The same can be applied to networking at conferences and events. It can certainly feel daunting speaking to people you don’t know, but it’s such a great way to build confidence - and it is so important to have a wide network, something I have come to realise in later years!

I think my biggest career highlight has been going from an early careers new-starter at CGI, to leading our early careers team. During my time here, our early careers offering has expanded to multiple programme offerings across the UK, with a more formal learning and development programme for all new members. It’s been extremely rewarding as it meant our early careers members were now getting the best learning experience possible to kick start their career.

We have been recognised externally for multiple years in a row, winning numerous awards. I was so excited to personally win the Role Model award twice, and be recognised for my contribution to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. It gave me the confidence to apply for my current role and I am loving applying everything I’ve learned over the years to our learning and development in the UK and Australia. I am grateful for all the inspiration I’ve had at CGI, and the continuous opportunities they provide to keep getting better.


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