Alun Milcoy is a Technical Architect at CGI and his over ten-year journey with us has thrived on teamwork and growth. As a Mental Health First Aider, he champions mental wellness and tries to break stigmas in the workplace. Discover his inspiring story of professional peaks and personal challenges, with CGI's support. Learn how kindness, open conversations, and well-being make a difference.

July 2024

Shwmai! (Welsh for Hi!) Alun here, or Rich, or Milcoy - take your pick. I've been part of the CGI family since December 2013, and what a ride it's been! Kicking off in the Project Services Team as a Provisioner and rising through the ranks, I currently wear the hat of a Cloud and DevOps Technical Architect. Alongside engineering complexities, I'm deeply passionate about nurturing mental health and wellness in our workplace.

A tech journey paved with kindness

Starting within the data centres, my hands-on experience eventually transcended to the architecture realms. The climb wasn't a lone one; it's been a joint effort with my CGI colleagues who've been nothing short of supportive. Their camaraderie and encouragement acted as rungs on my career ladder, helping me architect not only systems but also my growth.

Embracing the role of a mental health ally

The urge to support those around me is an innate part of who I am. When I noticed fellow colleagues facing mental health challenges, it sparked a resolve to become part of the force for good. My own mental health has seen its fair share of battles and joining the ranks as a Mental Health First Aider (MHFA) at CGI seemed like a genuine step towards making a positive change, particularly as we navigated the uncertainties of the pandemic together.

Being there: The core of mental health first aid

As a Mental Health First Aider, it's about being present for others, lending an ear, or offering a shoulder to lean on. It's about providing direction when the way seems lost and ensuring no one has to journey through their challenges alone. I aim to be a conduit for professional help, but even more so, to be an empathetic companion on our team members' paths to wellness.

Challenging stigmas one conversation at a time

The stigma around mental health is real and persistent, but at CGI, we're taking strides to dismantle it. I've personally experienced the liberating power of open conversations and witnessed how supportive our workplace can be. Change is on the horizon, and I hope that through continuous dialogue, we can foster an environment where everyone feels comfortable to speak about their mental health without fear of judgement.

Finding strength in adversity with CGI's support

Professionally, I've scaled several peaks within CGI, but my personal challenges often stretched beyond job roles. A stark realisation of my mental health situation led me to seek help, and CGI was there, offering support at every turn. CGI's understanding became a cornerstone of my recovery, motivating me to offer the same compassion to others.

Wellness at CGI: A holistic approach

CGI has been integral in not just my professional development but also my personal well-being. The resources made available - from MHFA to counselling and therapy - played a sterling role in my journey towards healing and understanding myself. These services have helped me manage ADHD and depression, steering me towards a healthier, more productive life. These provisions highlight how CGI cares, not just for its members but also their overall quality of life.

The pride of belonging at CGI

Working for CGI is a matter of pride, witnessing firsthand an organisation that champions diversity and inclusion at every level. It's not just the professional support, but the personal touchpoints and the resources that have underlined my experience at CGI. From facilitating growth to upholding member satisfaction and well-being, CGI embodies the essence of a workplace that truly values its people.

If you're reading this and you're struggling, please know – it's okay not to be okay. As a person who has been at that very crossroad, I cannot stress enough that reaching out for help is a sign of strength. CGI is a place where you well-being matters, so don't hesitate, take that step and let's walk through it together. Remember, you're not alone.