CGI understands the unique needs of our clients and tailors agile methods for optimal fit. This includes the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)® for large-scale implementation of agile methods across an organization or in extensive projects. From managing agile transformation projects to providing coaching/training on agile practices, we help clients use agile to increase their competitiveness.

We have helped clients adopt agile methods in line with SAFe  for numerous years, including implementation of the SAFe model to introduce agile methods in a range of organizations. We deliver the entire SAFe certification training curriculum, with more than 170+ SAFe Program Consultants (SPCs).

Scaled Agile

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Videotron Agile

Adopting agile to speed new marketing offers 

Growing competition, new technologies and rising customer demands are causing communications service providers (CSPs) to rethink how they do business. Becoming an agile organization is imperative to drive innovation, creativity and speed in this new world.

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Transforming access to federal healthcare through agile modernization

Transforming access to federal healthcare

CGI Federal’s digital and cloud services for the u.s. centers for medicare & medicaid services help 58 million americans make personalized healthcare choices. CGI Federal has partnered with CMS since 1999, supporting the development and maintenance of the agency’s websites into a set of interconnected portals.

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Building a digital energy business for the future through agile transformation

Building a digital energy business for the future

The entire CGI team was on hand to ask and answer questions, which led to a rich dialogue on Netze BW’s opportunities and challenges. After winning the bid, CGI had an agile team working onsite at Netze BW within two weeks. Netze BW also benefitted from CGI’s scalable approach.

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