Driving change for citizens and communities

With unprecedented financial pressures, ever-increasing citizen expectations and ambitious sustainability goals, local authorities are looking at how to increase efficiency, improve decision making and achieve better outcomes for citizens and communities. 


We help local authorities and other organisations explore how to improve outcomes for citizens, employees and partners through our Smart Place approach.  A combination of consulting-led change enablement, technology and data insights, supports the evolution of Smart Places. 

Our approach helps regions, cities and towns address specific local challenges in areas such as housing, education, place, transport and health and social care.  Enabling informed decision making and unlocking efficiency gains, the evolution and delivery of citizen services becomes more dynamic and responsive to changing needs.

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Creating Smart Places Podcast:

Our consulting architect for smart places solutions, Lisa White chats about what smart places are, and how smart place solutions and approaches can enable better outcomes for citizens and help organisations become more data driven.

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Transforming local government

We provide a full range of services for local authorities embarking on their Smart Place journey. We offer consulting services such as digital strategy and creation of a transformation roadmap, through to and including implementation and support for Smart Place operations.

CGI helps local authorities work smarter, helping improve outcomes for citizens, staff and local communities.

See how we're helping local authorities to meet modern citizen demands, delivering managed IT services and transformative digital services to support their visions. 

We're partnering with the City of Edinburgh Council on their journey to be Scotland’s Smart Capital City, harnessing technology to deliver higher quality services to their citizens 

CGI SensorInsights360 accelerates local authorities’ ability to deliver better services and build connected communities -while reducing the complexity of managing IoT assets.