We believe that business has an obligation to act responsibly, a belief which is realised across our organisation. Responsible Business is present in our operating practices, the innovative solutions we provide to clients, the partnerships we hold with third parties and the roles we play in the communities in which we live and work.

Our approach is focussed on three distinct pillars: Climate, People and Communities. But an equally important foundation is our approach to responsible operations, ensuring we meet or exceed legal obligations for good governance and participate in important voluntary measures such as the UN Global Compact and Sustainable Development Goals.

This joined up approach puts Responsible business at the heart of everything we do. It helps us to achieve the ‘CGI dream’ of creating an environment in which we all enjoy working together and contributing to building a company we can be proud of.

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Striving to protect the environment through responsible operating practices, delivering sustainability solutions for clients and committing to net-zero carbon emissions by 2026.

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Using our skills from the technology sector to inspire people in their careers and to support their wellbeing, while encouraging others to work in technology too.

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Part of CGI’s heritage is to build relationships with the communities in which we live and work. We do this through activities such as volunteering and fundraising to help members engage, not only with the local area, but with each other.

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Responsible operations

CGI’s values form the foundation of our corporate governance practices. We are proud to operate as a responsible business to balance the interests of our key stakeholders: our clients, our shareholders and our members

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The CGI Dream

To create an environment in which we enjoy working together and, as owners, contribute to building a company we can be proud of.      

Our CSR commitments
  • To provide our professionals with health, wellbeing and ownership programs that positively influence their wellbeing and satisfaction.
  • To partner with our clients to deliver energy and environmental sustainability solutions and to collectively support charitable causes.
  • To support our communities through causes that improve their social, economic and environmental wellbeing.
  • To improve the environment through environmentally-friendly operating practices, community service activities and green IT offerings.
  • To operate ethically through a strong code of ethics and good corporate governance.
  • To recognise the importance of responsible supply chain management.
Our ethical commitments
  • Code of Ethics that all members sign annually.

  • CGI Management Foundation with ISO 9001 certified frameworks to manage stakeholder relationships.

  • Performance metrics applied to governance frameworks to provide for continuous improvement.

  • Ethical commitments aligned with the United Nations (UN) Global Compact’s 10 principles.

Statements, policies and reports
For our statements, policies and reports please visit our Responsible Operations page

 "To create an environment in which we enjoy working together and, as owners, contribute to building a company we can be proud of." - The CGI Dream