Mattie Yeta was appointed as Chief Sustainability Officer for CGI in the UK in March 2022. A member of CGI’s UK Executive, she is responsible for working with members across the organisation to achieve common sustainability goals. Mattie provides key support to CGI’s external facing engagements in this area, continuing to develop a strong relationship with the United Nations and COP summits, and providing actionable insights for clients. Her appointment further confirmed CGI’s commitment to not only reach Net-Zero in the UK by 2026, but to bring sustainable products and solutions to our clients.

Mattie has substantial experience and expertise in sustainable development at strategic and delivery levels across the public and private sectors. She has led substantive change in the sustainable development arena through various boards she sits on. She has obtained significant experience in stakeholder engagement through her career, including at senior executive levels, strategy development, influencing and drafting industry policy, project and programme management, people management and development experience.

Mattie led the creation of the e-Sustainability Alliance, a network of 300 private sector organisations she chaired, working in partnership with the United Nations and other stakeholders. She also led the creation of the Cabinet Office One Government Cloud Strategy Sustainability Workstream, the UK Government’s Sustainable Technology Report 2017 and the Sustainability Industry Guide to help businesses achieve sustainable outcomes. Mattie has extensive experience of working with the United Nations (UNFCCC, UNEP, UNGC, UNICEF, UNDP). She received the “industry sustainability leader of the year” award, “digital leader impact award” the Civil Service award as “highly commended”, Defra’s corporate services award for “leading through change,” and was a nominee for “the most influential women in UK tech.” She has received her Majesty’s Royal Honour for her contribution to sustainability in the UK and globally and was recently announced in the top 100 sustainability power leaders.

The former Head of Sustainability for Defra IT/UK Government, and a PhD researcher specialising in corporate sustainability, green economics, and national recovery, she is also a tutor on the University of Oxford Climate Change Programme.