In this podcast, CGI UK & Australia’s Chief Sustainability Officer Mattie Yeta sits down with Morag Leopoldt, Customer Success Manager at AiDash, to discuss how satellites and AI are revolutionizing the data and insights required for sustainability.

They explore the evolution of commercial satellite data to provide multiple layers of real-time insights in seconds for a range of industries and reducing risk involved with employees visiting sites. These systems are improving health, safety, efficiency, and sustainability across all industries.

The podcast also touches upon recent projects within the SEEDS programme, which leveraged satellite data and a newly created AI model to predict water pollution with high levels of accuracy.

Mattie and guest Morag also explore issues such as how to encourage more people, particularly the younger generation, into this field, and whether more collaboration is necessary to develop the field further.


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 To learn more about how CGI is currently leveraging satellites and AI, explore the SEEDS programme page or CGI’s Project Seagrass partnership webpage.