Why now is the right time to take IoT seriously

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been the subject of countless forecasts that predict exponential growth of devices and data generated. What has been missing is the “so what?” and...

What is the role of satellite communications in 5G?

Being digitally connected has become one of the most important needs in our modern society. Technology is evolving, continuously providing a better user experience, but there are still challenges to...

Rich Hampshire
Rich Hampshire

Connectivity For A Smarter World


This blog is part of techUK’s ‘Delivering Connectivity for All’ campaign week. It explores the importance of IoT connectivity in delivering intelligent infrastructure and discusses some of the benefits and...

Andrew Palmer
Andrew Palmer

How to set 5G up for success


5G technology is set to transform communications in the UK, with the government hoping to achieve 100 per cent coverage as soon as 2033. Andrew Palmer explores the considerations for...