Start small then scale

The Internet of Things (IoT) enables a world where smart objects are seamlessly integrated as part of a global network. Collecting and using the data from this myriad of connected “things” is the key to unlocking the value created by IoT - helping you to make better decisions, improve processes and enable new services.

Realising the full value of IoT requires a business-led approach that focuses on creating financial benefit and competitive advantage by starting small with specific, well-defined use cases and proving the value before continuing to invest. Our ‘start small then scale’ approach guides you through the steps involved and helps you to define and achieve your IoT objectives.

Unlocking the value of data

CGI SensorInsights360 reduces the complexity of your IoT and helps you to easily identify ways to improve operational efficiency, whilst proactively monitoring and managing your critical services. Our scalable real-time data platform brings all your data together, helping you to deliver insights not previously available.

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Creating Smart Places and Connected Communities

We're partnering with the City of Edinburgh Council on their journey to be Scotland’s Smart Capital City, harnessing technology, analytics, and data to deliver higher quality services to their citizens.

We're helping local authorities realise ambitions and unlock value, delivering innovative and sustainable smart places.

5g Ecosystem infographic

Driving change in IoT with 5G technology

5G is driving change in IoT, through a combination of high speeds, expanded bandwidth, low latency and more secure connectivity. It’s a powerful enabling technology for a new generation of use cases that will make IoT more effective and efficient.

As a 5G ecosystem integrator, we understand the importance of collaborative planning. We work closely with you to define your transformation journey, to realise the opportunities that 5G can bring to your business and customers.

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5G Private Networks Lab

Our goal is to work with our clients to bring 5G technology to life and deliver the best possible value.

Together with our partner Nokia, we have developed some example cross-industry 5G use cases at our 5G Private Networks Lab – demonstrating business value, not just the technology.

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Front cover of Internet of Things for dummies

The Internet of Things for Dummies

Read our IoT for Dummies book

IoT For Dummies is your essential pocket guide to the technological development everyone is talking about. It provides a comprehensive guide, including innovative case studies on IoT, what it is, how it can benefit organisations across the public and private sector as well as some ideas on the best way to implement it.

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