We have built a Private Networks Showcase in partnership with Nokia at our 5G lab in our Fenchurch Street office to demonstrate how 5G mobile private networks can transform business operations. The showcase demonstrates specific use cases that deliver value across multiple industry segments. Our goal is to work with our clients to bring the technology to life and deliver the best possible business value.

Public 5G networks (NSA) are now widely deployed in the UK, but they do not yet support features like low latency and privacy, in addition to the higher bandwidths available with 5G. Our 5G Standalone (SA) network is built using Nokia’s Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) products and enables us to showcase 5G features as they are standardised and built into vendor solutions, enabling you to develop business cases with confidence that they will work in a private network.

To find out more, download the brochure or book a visit to our 5G Private Networks Showcase:

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