Telecoms infrastructure providers are investing billions of pounds in the deployment of fibre solutions across the UK. Ensuring the rollout maximises revenue streams and optimises capital expenditure and operational costs is essential.

We understand the challenges of deploying fast when reality may not align with the network model planned. Our tools and expertise enable you to plan and deploy efficiently using multiple third-party network components.

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Optimising data to reduce rollout costs

Combining infrastructure planning with our order-handling, risk and asset management capabilities, we deliver an end-to-end service that enables you to reduce rollout costs through reliable geographic inventory and precise data. 

Our expert teams work with you to understand and optimise the data you use, building on your existing capability to deliver immediate improvements, while developing a roadmap to ensure we continue to deliver value over time.


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We work with leading Geographical Information Systems (GIS) partners to provide reliable data solutions for planners and operators. Our third-party geospatial software solutions integrate seamlessly with existing inventory and planning systems while increasing the value of the data you hold already.

Network models that reflect reality

For geographic inventory data to be valuable, it needs to reflect reality. We can reliably model any telecom network to produce a Digital Twin including anything from ducts, fibre and equipment to full end-to-end service solutions, as well as capturing asset IDs and ‘as built’ images of specific field locations.

Using the same data to understand the value of the deployed asset base, and the return on investment it is delivering, enables you to optimise future deployments and maximise returns.

Benefits of a network Digital Twin:

  • Less waste in the planning cycle
  • Better records of the as-built network
  • Improved network management and monitoring
  • Improved understanding of the value and performance of your assets
Technician working on fibre optic cable for maintenance