Network operator Stedin has chosen CGI and our partner, software developer IQGeo, for the development, implementation, maintenance and management of 'BMR Mobile'; a mobile solution for the Company Asset Register (BMR Mobile). This register is an important source of information for many of Stedin's core processes. The network operator is always working on smart solutions for efficient work processes. One of those is BMR Mobile, a solution that is an important step in the journey towards digital transformation.

Efficient work processes with high data quality

Around 1,200 Stedin employees and contractors use data daily from the BMR in their work as part of the construction and maintenance processes and for new connections, inspections and troubleshooting. This work requires current, complete and reliable data, including design drawings.

The more accurate the information about underground electricity cables and gas pipelines that the staff in the field have, the more efficiently and quickly they can act. High data quality is therefore an important prerequisite for adequately managing and using the grids. BMR Mobile makes this possible.

Mobile solution for fast switching

The mobile solution offers Stedin more insight into the current status of 'assets' such as electricity cables and gas pipelines. It digitises the traditional paper information (such as forms), which is an essential part of BMR. This allows faster switching between staff in the field and office staff.

“The BMR Mobile solution helps us, along with CGI, to improve data quality and accelerate the digitisation of our work processes,” - David Peters, Chief Transition Officer at Stedin.

Contribution to energy transition

The energy transition is about all of us using more and more electricity, while at the same time delivering more and more sustainably generated energy back to the grid. This has a major impact on the electricity grid. That is why Stedin is expanding and reinforcing the energy infrastructure at an accelerated pace. The availability of high-quality data is part of this work.

CGI will implement BMR Mobile at Stedin and will also be responsible for the maintenance and management of the mobile solution. The contract between Stedin and CGI runs for six years, with the possibility of two further two-year extensions.

 “We are proud of the trust Stedin has in CGI,” says Christiaan van Boetzelaer, Senior Vice President Energy & Communications at CGI. “The energy transition puts enormous pressure on the underground energy infrastructure. The importance of up-to-date data on underground assets will in the future only increase. The development of BMR Mobile is a great way for us to contribute to one of the greatest challenges of our time.”

Stedin CGI Partnership
Christiaan van Boetzelaer (CGI, Senior VP Energy & Communications) and David Peters
(Stedin, CTO) shake hands on the cooperation.

About Stedin

'Working together to create a world full of new energy' - That is what our 4,000 Stedin employees do every day. We consider it our responsibility to ensure that all our customers have access to sustainable energy for living, working and doing business. At Stedin, we continue to make the energy system more sustainable whilst at the same time robust and affordable. Within Stedin, this work is done in cooperation between network operator Stedin (active in most of Zuid-Holland, Utrecht and Zeeland) and the experts of infrastructure company DNWG Infra.

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