Global market intelligence firm releases its IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Artificial Intelligence Services 2023 Vendor Assessment

There’s no denying the growing momentum around the possibilities of artificial intelligence (AI) and the transformation it can bring for organisations and their customers, citizens and employees. This sentiment is reflected in CGI’s global Voice of Our Clients research where 68% of executives said they’re investigating, conducting proofs of concept, or implementing AI. AI is also the top-cited area for innovation investment in the next three years.

From helping to solve complex challenges to supporting innovations for some time now, AI promises even greater opportunities to come. To understand what organisations value most in an AI partner, the International Data Corporation (IDC) produced its IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Artificial Intelligence Services 2023 Vendor Assessment.*

Client perceptions of CGI’s AI services and solutions

A key part of the IDC MarketScape assessment is an analysis of client feedback. Among CGI’s attributes cited in the IDC research are problem solving, offering solutions at scale and discovering new opportunities:

  • “According to customers, CGI's strengths are the company's ability to conduct workshops that improve their awareness of AI and its value for their business; apply functional- or industry-specific methodologies and assets to solve their issues; create quality, trusted data sets and pipelines for AI model training; and provide knowledge transfer and training to internal IT and development teams.”
  • “As part of the company's strategy to help clients achieve "speed to trusted action" through AI solutions, CGI works with clients to discover AI use case opportunities through AI Design Sprint workshops and to establish AI center of excellence capabilities and governance (including ethical AI and MLOps).”

Clients look to CGI for AI services that span strategy, implementation, and management of AI solutions at scale, supported by CGI’s intellectual property (IP) based solutions like CGI PulseAI. CGI PulseAI is a hyper-automation platform and decision engine that enables clients to drive efficiencies and revenue growth through AI, machine learning and intelligent process automation.

CGI is committed to using AI and machine learning responsibly in our services and solutions. Learn more about AI at CGI.


*IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Artificial Intelligence Services 2023 Vendor Assessment, (Doc# US49647023), May 2023