The exponential growth in data is fuelling the demand for high-quality insight to accelerate better business decision-making.

Now is the time to embrace data in order to deliver greater value than your competitors. Through our broad experience in advanced analytics we have introduced CGI Insight Hub as an accelerator service. Read our brochure for more details.

Across all of our industry sectors our clients are putting data at the centre of their growth ambitions and exponential growth in data is fuelling the demand for high quality insight to accelerate better decision making.  Many of our clients are on a journey to becoming insight led organisations but recognise they risk getting left behind if they don’t quickly evolve their traditional and occasionally fractured approach to analytics and embrace new and emerging capability in advanced analytics and AI.  

CGI insight hub is an accelerator service that will fast track your path to becoming an insight led organisation, breaking down core data and business intelligence capabilities into a modular framework that meets you where you are in your current data journey. It can speed up your journey to cloud through tried and tested deployment patterns, can be applied against multiple different data op models  and will increase speed to data value enabling you to drive significantly improved insight and decision making and supporting improved customer experience, new revenue opportunities or improved outcomes.