In an increasingly digital society, consumers and citizens have heightened expectations for their everyday interactions.

As a result, digital leaders across industries seek new ways to evolve their strategy and operational models and use technology and information to improve how they operate, deliver products and services, and create value.

These leaders realise results from transformation and generate new opportunities through an end-to-end digital value chain.

Key success factors include:

  • Instilling cultural change, including evolving technology to being core to the business
  • Organising customer- and citizen-centric business models and the enabling architecture
  • Prioritising cybersecurity and data privacy, along with sustainability actions
  • Pivoting the use of data from predicting and planning to sensing and responding


Optimizing your digital value chain to accelerate successful business outcomes


Optimising your digital value chain

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Accelerating your digital journeys

Optimising your digital value chain is not solely a technology initiative, but rather an organisational effort that encompasses your mission, strategy, culture and operational models. Today’s digital value chain includes both virtual and in-person interactions. Drawing upon insights from the CGI Voice of Our Clients, along with the work of our experts across the globe, our white paper offers recommendations for accelerating your transformation results.

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Explore our key services to optimise your digital value chain

Business consulting and digital advisory

We help you boldly set your ambitions and clearly define your future course with confidence through insights-driven business and strategic digital advisory and consulting. Learn more

Digital transformation

Focused on driving value through innovation and agility, we help clients rethink how they get things done. From generating ideas and building strategies to managing scaled implementations and agile operations, we collaborate with clients every step of the way. Learn more

Business agility

Business agility is key to achieving business results. Based on the 2020 CGI Client Global Insights, it is the third top business priority among the commercial executives we interviewed. Learn more

Managed IT services

Our flexible partnership models accelerate digital transformation, helping you achieve your business objectives. Learn more

Cyber security

Helping clients manage complex security challenges with a business focused approach – protecting what is most valuable to them. Learn more

Sustainability and climate change advisory

We are committed to supporting the environment through responsible operating practices and by providing robust sustainability solutions for our clients to create positive economic, social and environmental impact. Learn more

Intelligent automation

From robotic process automation to artificial intelligence, we help you use the full spectrum of intelligent automation technologies to drive business success. Learn more

Advanced analytics

Our value-led Advanced Analytics approach helps identify opportunities to provide tangible outcomes. We assess, define and deliver appropriate solutions, leveraging market leading frameworks and technologies to enable you to make the most of your data assets. Learn more

Advisory services

With in-depth industry knowledge and experience, our Service and Technical Advisory Consultants understand the unique market opportunities and challenges and collaborate closely with you to drive your performance and results, no matter the competitive or economic conditions. Learn more

What do digital leaders do differently?

Based on nearly 1,700 interviews with business and IT executives in the 2021 CGI Voice of Our Clients, we’ve identified several common characteristics of digital leaders (those who say their organisation is producing expected results from digital strategies). These attributes include:

  • Clearly define and align on stakeholder outcomes
  • View transformation holistically, across the entire value chain
  • Modernise, simplify and protect their supply chains and the personal data of stakeholders
  • Consider sustainability as core to creating value for customers and citizens

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Attributes of digital leaders

Attributes of digital leaders

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consultant leading a discussion on insights-led decisions

A framework to help organisations pivot the use of data from predicting and planning to “sensing and responding” to fuel innovation

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Value in motion: Driving forward data-driven decision-making

Digital leaders recognise the need to sense and respond to change quickly and to design their business and operating models to be agile. It is no longer enough to be the most efficient organisation with the least errors; you also need to be the most innovative and fast at creating value through that innovation.

To win and be sustainable, organizations need to visualise and simulate decisions enabled by dynamic data and insights. This is what we term “value in motion.” This approach requires enterprises to rethink the mechanics of decision-making in the organisation and the enabling technologies.

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CGI named a Major Player for digital strategy consulting services worldwide

The pressure to digitise coupled with a myriad of challenges in executing a digital strategy have led to an increased demand for digital strategy consulting services. In response to this demand, the International Data Corporation (IDC) issued its 2021 IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Digital Strategy Consulting Services 2021 Vendor Assessment.

A significant component of the IDC MarketScape assessment is an analysis of buyer perceptions. Three key strengths identified by CGI clients include our insights, action orientation and people quality.

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CGI named a Major Player for digital strategy consulting

CGI named a Major Player for digital strategy consulting