The VSRS (Vehicle Safety Recall Service) is a means of checking the information that every manufacturer sends to the countrywide database when they have an outstanding recall on a vehicle. Having a smooth-running VSRS supports the delivery of better safety for the auto industry, and it is illegal for a reseller to sell a car with an outstanding recall.

SMMT were finding their existing system to be somewhat cumbersome, and decided they needed a change. In the early stages, SMMT identified a need to refresh their legacy system to incorporate new technology such as cloud hosting, to ensure they were future-proofed.

This is where CGI came in. We built, implemented and ran a new version of the VSRS, including the use of modern technologies and deployment into the Azure cloud. SMMT now have a brand new system, built using the latest toolset, futureproofing this side of their business. CGI has also provided a separate identity management service, which SMMT will be able to re-use for any future developments. Similarly, we have created an SFTP file transfer service, configured automatically (rather than requiring support calls) and, again, this can be re-used for any future developments. Taking a cloud-based approach meant that the VSRS is easily scalable, ensuring SMMT are in good hands for the foreseeable future

If you’d like to know more about our work with SMMT please read the full brochure, or alternatively if you want to have a wider conversation around CGI’s capabilities please get in touch with James Maxwell