Forestry England manages our woodlands in England and is responsible for the public forest estate. They are the largest supplier of sustainably produced timber in England, selling around 1.4 million tonnes per year.

Forestry England’s Sales Recording Package (SRP) used to manage timber stocks and sales, was a 20-year-old legacy application used for stock management, contract control, despatch recording and invoicing. The application was no longer fit for purpose as it became unintuitive, time-consuming and complex to use with an increased risk of errors.

CGI and Forestry England partnered to develop a new modern application platform called eTimber by adopting an agile development approach, running in parallel with support of the existing system over the contract duration. This gradual transformation delivered improvements in stages over the duration mitigated risks, reduced cost and delivered significant value earlier to the client.

The legacy application was replaced module-by-module which enabled the value of the existing historical SRP data to be maintained while delivering improved features and functionality at frequent intervals throughout the transformation.

The iterative approach and modern application delivery allowed requirements to be continually refined, updated and prioritised, successfully delivering a modern web application that met the desired outcomes of:

  • Improved staff productivity
  • Improved knowledge and ownership
  • A future-proofed platform of continuous improvement
  • New opportunities delivered
  • Significant return on investment


The transformation project by CGI of our timber sales system has exceeded my expectations so far. The CGI Delivery Manager and development team have developed a good understanding of managing timber and have brought forward some exciting and innovative ideas.

Retaining the existing database, developing and delivering on a modular basis and running the old and new software in parallel has given us assurance and confidence moving forward.

Stuart Balfour, Systems Manager Forestry England


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