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A data revolution is taking place around us and much of this data has a location element to it. The recently published ‘Unlocking the power of location: The UK’s geospatial strategy’ Geospatial Commission stated:-


“…by 2025, the UK will have a coherent national location data framework. Future technologies will be underpinned by data about events occurring at a time and place. Location data will be the unifying connection between things, systems, people and the environment”.


Forward thinking organisations are looking to tap into the power of where however, many are struggling to exploit this opportunity due to the three related challenges of:


Organisations don’t know what they have, what format it is in, where it is and how it can be used and combined

Geospatial Skills

These skills been seen as the preserve of specialists often undertaken on expensive proprietary systems


Tools have been standalone rather than integrated into end user systems where they can deliver most value. 


CGI GeoApp helps organisations unlock the power of where.

CGI GeoApp delivers all of the essential tools an organisation needs to successfully take advantage of location-based data and intelligence.

CGI GeoApp is built on open standards and it provides a single, supported, out-of-the box solution.

CGI GeoApp is quick and easy to deploy, configure and extend via an integrated set of core modules.


CGI GeoApp

  • Saves time and money in deploying location based services
  • Enables customer self-service
  • Automates geospatial tasks to free up specialists time
  • Is open by design so will integrate with your existing spatial infrastructure
  • Is secure
  • Fully supported
  • Extensible to allow customers to meet their precise needs

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