The modernisation of geospatial technology has opened up opportunities for organisations and citizens across the globe. The advances in AI is providing a unique opportunity for the geospatial industry to expand its capabilities and benefits, offering real value to the environment and economy.

As leaders in the geospatial industry, we have used these advances in technology to equip organisations with the tools and solutions to meet their objectives. Notably, geospatial technology has enabled us to support sustainability objectives through our work with Project Seagrass and has allowed us to partner with local authorities, such as the Welsh Government to access a single source of data, maintaining autonomy and improving efficiency. 

Seeing the positive impact that geospatial can bring, we are expanding our expertise to Northern Ireland – part of our ongoing ambitions for our Northern Ireland base.

Backed by a network of over 700+ geospatial experts worldwide, this new local delivery centre will bring the advances of geospatial technology to the doorstep of the organisations, citizen’s and the environment across Northern Ireland, transforming experiences and benefitting all.