We provide a range of services for fleet service providers to diversify their business, improve customer experience and reduce costs.

The fleet industry has been built largely based on a steady growth in diesel sales, however this is now changing as the use of transport evolves. It is therefore now key for operators in this area to target new revenue streams, new markets and existing customer segments with a new approach and increased digital solutions.

At CGI, our B2B market place solution provides a platform to allow fleet service providers to offer a wider and more diverse range of products and services.  This in turn helps to unlock additional revenue streams and support longer-term growth.

We can also provide tailored solutions, utilising our eco-system of partners, to support fleet service providers who are looking to enter new markets or transform existing legacy solutions. And with an increased need in the industry to optimise costs, we have developed a proven cost optimisation approach to identify areas of inefficient spend and introduce cost efficiency improvements.