The road to a more renewable future

With the drive to decarbonisation accelerating adoption of renewable energy sources, there is a need to integrate assets and effectively bridge the gap between conventional and renewable energy generation. 

Our focus is on helping organisations understand the data and insights across the platforms and systems to generate value with sustainable business models. We help energy businesses leverage digital to increase efficiency of the supply chain across generation, storage and distribution for renewables including wind, solar, hydro and hydrogen. 

We build, implement and support the infrastructures and applications required to optimise and modernise renewables operations and maintenance to secure the future of energy. 

Our renewables expertise includes:

  • consulting

  • asset optimisation whether on-shore or off-shore

  • analytics

  • renewables management

  • digital energy and asset and resource management



Data driving the renewables journey

Bridging the gap between conventional and renewable energy generation

Our experts, Shan Roy and Joe Dipple discuss the current challenges facing energy companies regarding the generation of renewable energy. There are many implications for renewable energy generation, from high construction and infrastructure costs and power storage, to optimizing maintenance and a lack of government policy and subsidy.


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solar farm with wind turbines on the horizon
Two people walking between rows of solar panels

Solving the energy puzzle

Moving to a decarbonised future

For organisations to succeed in the energy transition journey, we believe they will need to drive transformation from three perspectives: customer-centric, environment-centric, operations-centric. In this whitepaper we explore each of these areas in more detail, and how they fit into the wider energy transformation value chain.


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CGI’s Renewables Management System (RMS)

Efficiently monitor and control your renewable energy assets in real-time

Our Renewables Management System (RMS) platform monitors and controls 8,000 generators (wind, solar, hydro) in 12 countries. Our teams collaborate with organisations to power forward the journey to energy transition by delivering solutions that help managers, owners and teams to monitor, operate and boost the performance of renewable assets.  


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