Top trends and priorities focus on improving cyber security and data to accelerate transformation

We met with 173 energy and utilities executives to understand their top priorities and how they are preparing for and adapting to key trends shaping their organisations. This year, energy and utilities are prioritising optimised, sustainable and protected operations to help them navigate the energy transition and stay relevant for the future. Discover executives’ top trends, priorities and more.

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1. A green revolution is emerging
81% cite climate action as a macro trend shaping their organisation

2. Impact of geopolitical events rises
24pp increase in executives citing high impact of world economic shifts vs. 2022 (+40pp in Europe)

3. Data continues as a top priority
86% say data management and governance are keys to improving data strategies

4. Regional digital gap grows
42% in Europe vs 13% in North America
seeing results from digital strategies

5. Cybersecurity matures
59% seeing results from cybersecurity strategy, up from 48% in 2022

hydrogen bus

Overall, Energy & Utilities clients see significant progress in producing results from their digital strategies (38%, up 8 percentage points from last year). When comparing insights from these leaders producing results from digital strategies (digital leaders) to those building or launching digital strategies (digital aspirants), common attributes emerge.

Digital leaders in Energy & Utilities have closer alignment between IT and business operations and are more agile to adapt. They leverage automation and AI to accelerate results and cybersecurity to protect the organization.

Have highly agile business models to address digitization including integration of new technologies

Have highly agile business models to address digitisation and integrate new technologies

Digital leaders


Digital aspirants


data privacy strategy

Produce results from
data privacy

Digital leaders


Digital aspirants


cybersecurity strategies

Produce results from
cyber security

Digital leaders


Digital aspirants



Secure the business
from the edge of the IoT operations all the way to the customer.


Prioritize trusted data
to produce trusted actions across energy and utilities operations.


Bake-in ESG data enablement
to track and prove sustainability targets.


Align C-suite
with lines of business, operations and IT to accelerate the energy transition.


Free up experts
to meet the energy challenges of the future by using digitisation.


5 recommendations for protecting the organization and accelerating the energy transition through data

At CGI, we help Energy & Utilities organisations advance their digital transformation and optimise operations to navigate the energy transition.

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