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Terry Jaeger
Terry Jaeger

Revolutionizing the customer experience in energy and utilities with the cloud

September 9, 2022 Energy and utilities companies are increasingly moving to the cloud to gain a number of business advantages, including enhanced data security and access. Migrating data to the cloud is not only a more secure way to store data, but also...

Juanjo Berdoy
Juanjo Berdoy

Enabling an intelligent energy transition

August 29, 2022 The energy transition, one of the pillars of the fight against climate change on a global scale, has gained in urgency for the European Union (EU) as a result of the consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in terms...

Creating sustainable manufacturing operations hinges on an effective energy. This article provides key highlights on how the energy transition is driving change in manufacturing.

Driven by the energy transition and large-scale grid expansion, pressure on the underground infrastructure, such as trenches, is increasing. Ad hoc exchange of information on such infrastructure via multiple applications is not secure or sustainable. Organizations must shift to a...

This STEM@CGI activity pack helps us think of ways to reduce the amount of carbon emissions that contribute to climate change on our planet.

As climate change accelerates, it demands faster and stronger action at all levels: from individuals, governments and businesses. The stakes are high, and increasingly include goals to bolster energy security. The global energy crisis centered in Europe is causing nations...

Hydrogen—green hydrogen, in particular—is a promising solution for meeting climate targets and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. A mature and sustainable hydrogen economy needs to include three elements: well-functioning market mechanisms, reliable infrastructure and diversified use of data.