Business agility is key to achieving business results. Based on the 2020 CGI Client Global Insights, it is the third top business priority among the commercial executives we interviewed.

Further, of the 12% of executives whose organizations are achieving results with their enterprise digital strategies, 29% report having highly agile business models.

CGI research also shows that organizations that are highly agile across enterprise outperform their peers by a factor of 2-3 times in terms of revenue and profitable growth. The conclusion is clear: agile business practices drive results across the organization.

Business agility involves more than just technology change. CGI takes a holistic approach that factors in organizational culture and complexity, business alignment, and human connections.

From strategy development to operating model design to full execution, our work enables clients to improve decision-making and accelerate value. We apply proven methodologies and scaled frameworks to help clients assess their current state, set the right ambition, evaluate their operating model, and implement agile IT and scaled agile delivery.


CGI Business Agility Maturity Assessment

Assessing the client’s current state in a unique and engaging way that supports change management using CGI's maturity model for measuring enterprise agility and resilience.

Strategic Alignment Consulting

Aligning the client’s business strategy and change outcomes (business, organization and technology outcomes) through discovery, objectives setting, and a common framework for decision-making.

Agile Operating Model Consulting

Designing an agile operating model to help the client innovate and operate with agility, as well as manage human connections and complexity in today’s dynamic environment.

Ecosystem Design Consulting

Assessing the client’s current partner ecosystem and designing an optimal ecosystem network to maximize the network’s value.

Application Modernization and Cloud Transformation

Helping the client build and migrate to a modern IT landscape through application portfolio assessment, rationalization and modernization and cloud transformation services, as well as IP solutions such as CGI SiteReliability360, our hybrid IT management platform that enables reliability through high-availability deployments across any underlying private or public clouds.

Lean Agile DevOps at Scale (LADx™)

Helping the client scale its agile transformation and/or accelerate its IT delivery using our proprietary LADx methodology.


CGI and Scaled Agile

CGI has helped clients drive agility through the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) since 2010. We are a SAFe Gold Partner and the first SAFe global transformation partner. We also use other leading scaled agile frameworks, such as Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) and Disciplined Agile (DA).


As a leading provider of agile strategies, methodologies, services and expertise, we work with organizations across industries to drive and accelerate agile transformation and delivery. Our agile experience and expertise includes:

professionals trained in scrum in the past 3 years



scrum teams launched in the past 2 years agile engagements in the past 2 years


large-scale agile transformations (>$150M) in 3 years


billion in agile modernization



First coaches with an average of 19 months tenure at clients


Transformation Partner in the world for SAFe