Innovating at pace and scale

The new dynamic market is driving the need for innovation in every field. Organizations are realizing that innovation needs to become a continuous process—not a one-off event—to survive and grow in today’s digital world. However, not many organizations are able to innovate in a structured way to gain maximum value, at pace and scale.

Our experts offer an end-to-end innovation service suite to help clients establish a structured and consolidated innovation management process. We assist from organizational design to operations transformation, shaping and enabling cultural change. We coach our clients’ experts in how to operate as successful innovators. Leveraging our design and innovation studio space, we run design sprints to develop minimum viable products and minimum viable organizations, incubating and continuously improving clients’ internal innovation agencies.

Innovative service improvement

Within the Munich University of Applied Sciences, central IT provides a variety of services for different areas, such as the university’s administration, libraries, faculties and other departments.
“To meet the expectations of users today and in the future, IT needs new approaches. Using CGI’s analysis and methodology, we were able to identify specific options for action and, together with the specialist departments, develop common ideas for improving service quality.”
Prof. Dr. Manfred Paul, Head of Central IT at Munich University of Applied Sciences
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Turning the creativity of your experts into customer-focused innovation

  • Innovation focus day - One-day workshop to envision how innovation should work in alignment with your strategy and to identify innovation use cases
  • Innovation sprint - One or several innovation sprints to demonstrate how innovation can work fast
  • Lean innovation agency - Customized innovation incubator with tailored frameworks and blueprints
  • Innovator coaching - Experienced CGI innovation coaches to guide your innovators, helping to perfect and deliver their innovation ideas
  • Innovation “run” services - CGI runs all or some of your innovation processes, executing innovation campaigns, design thinking and MVPs
  • Innovation culture hacking - CGI helps change your organization’s culture to help you become a fast-moving, agile and courageous, innovator and, ultimately, a digital leader
  • Innovation at scale - End-to-end services—from discovery and ambition setting, to ideation, to organizational design, implementation and operation, to continuous improvement

Innovation Centers and Labs

CGI has a global network of collaborative labs and innovation centers, supported and informed by clients and our emerging technology practices (ETPs). Located near clients, these facilities enable collaborative innovation and access to global innovation capabilities, with local support, clear accountability and measurable results.