Executives across industries want to know how to reinvent their business to adapt to the future of work. Based on the 2020 CGI Client Global Insights, 83% of the 1,447 business and technology executives we interviewed report significant challenges with cultural and organizational change as they strive to evolve their workplaces. Fifty-five percent report attracting and retaining talent as a major constraint, and executives also cite digital employee tools as their second most important digital initiative.

As a leading provider of future workplace strategies, services and expertise, CGI helps organizations across industries build sustainable and resilient organizations.

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CGI Business Agility Maturity Assessment

Assessing the client’s current workplace in a unique and engaging way that supports change management using CGI's maturity model for measuring enterprise agility and resilience.

Future of Work Change Leadership

Delivering change leadership through rites of passage and the adoption of new mindsets, management approaches and cultural transformations.

Distributed Agile Teams

Helping clients build effective teams through coaching, mentoring, agile training and metrics to measure effectiveness.

Future Workforce Evolution

Helping clients evolve their existing workforce by improving key areas such as creativity, emotional intelligence, frugality, simplification and sustainability.

Hybrid Workforce Management

Developing strategic workforce plans and managing new hybrid work—from contracting new ways of working, to building expert networks, to co-working with robots/AI, to implementing managed services.

Well-Being and Societal Impact

Focusing on well-being, talent retention and social responsibility to build a caring, satisfying and responsible workplace for employees.

Innovation Management and Collaboration

Delivering digital solutions to drive collaboration, innovation, new strategies, training and behavior change.

Accelerated Automation and Working Processes

Assessing and optimizing processes with new technologies such as intelligent automation, bots and rapid cloud services.

Mobile-First Workforce

Empowering the mobility of frontline employees using mobile applications and other enabling technologies such as augmented reality.

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Reinvent for the future.

Read how CGI is helping clients with focused services and insights for embedding the right plans and technologies to meet customer and citizen needs faster, more efficiently, and at scale.

As a leading provider of workplace strategies, solutions and services, CGI partners with clients across industries to drive and accelerate workplace transformation. We help clients develop the workplace vision, roadmap, operating model and framework they need to respond, rebound and reinvent in the face of changing economic, market and business dynamics.

Through our workplace management services, clients benefit from the following:

  • Unique combination of organizational development, cultural change and technology competencies

  • In-depth industry expertise

  • Advanced workplace technologies, including intelligent automation, data analytics, mobility and cloud

  • Industry-leading workplace IP solutions for resource allocation, scheduling, communication and collaboration

  • Digital workplace capabilities developed through innovation with clients

  • On time, within budget delivery, from strategy development to sustainable results

  • Proximity to clients combined with global resources

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