Requirements for reliable sustainability and ESG data are expected to increase as laws and regulations evolve. At the same time, such data is often scattered across multiple internal and external systems. Managing this data is complex, labor intensive and error prone. 

Current ways of ESG reporting, often manual in nature, are already insufficient. While much ESG reporting today considers just the source of primary data, providing full transparency requires structural documentation of all data-related changes. 

Built using the CGI AgileDX data exchange platform, CGI AgileDX-Sustainability automates and optimizes ESG data gathering, validating and governance, providing a single point of reference.

CGI AgileDX-Sustainability enables documentation of all actions in the life cycle of data. Users have role-based access and every action (e.g., data entry, searches and updates) is logged in the system. This enables full transparency and detailed auditing. The platform also performs quality data analysis and insight generation as well as the validation and assurance necessary to meet future reporting mandates. 

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Agility and flexibility to keep pace with change

CGI AgileDX-Sustainability easily configures to support your organizational structure, your way of working and your growth plans, to help you keep pace with change. The data model and related roles can be adapted without coding. Custom integrations with existing IT infrastructure are provided via REST and SOAP APIs, and the solution can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises. 

Advantages include:

  • Best practices in business data modeling via industry templates
  • Shared ecosystem, integrated by design 
  • Operational readiness with an adaptable platform, without coding
  • Security by design, delivering watertight, traceable and real-time visibility 
  • Lower costs with fewer adaptation and deployment requirements
  • Life cycle management for continuous development and improvement

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Case in point: Automating ESG data collection
For many organizations, sustainability-related data processes are primarily manual. As part of our own ESG commitments, CGI operations in the Netherlands adopted CGI AgileDX-Sustainability to automatically generate valuable insights and manage roles to enable full transparency.  

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At CGI, we collaborate with you to solve sustainability and ESG challenges with end-to-end capabilities, from vision to value.

From developing strategies to unlocking data for better decisions to accelerating innovation, our proven Sustainability & ESG Advisory services enable clients to address various challenges across their organization’s value chain.