Helping organizations meet the challenge of global regulatory compliance

Global chemical compliance is more challenging than ever. Organizations are faced with new and complex challenges in chemical regulatory compliance every day. CGI’s ProSteward360 solution helps companies streamline their processes and obtain consistent compliance across the enterprise.

ProSteward360 is an innovative approach to the long-standing business challenge for both producers and users of hazardous materials. It supports our client’s global hazard communication requirements for hazardous chemicals, providing safe handling and use information to their customers in over 100 countries in approximately 40 different languages. 

The solution consists of six integrated applications.

  • Authoring – manages data that maintains business, toxicology, and regulatory information about materials and, using an intelligent rules engine, creates an unlimited number of document ((M)SDSs, labels, shipping documents, etc.) in various regulatory formats and languages

  • Use management – manages Substance Use information as necessary to be REACH compliant

  • Integration engine – supports data flow between ProSteward360 modules and third party EHS systems such as IUCLID, Volume Tracking and Chemical Safety Assessment Tools

  • Online – provides employee access to hazard documents and chemical data. Supports chemical inventory and environmental reporting

  • Distribution – integrates with an organization’s ERP system to automate compliance using the rules engine to distribute documents to customers based on daily sales history, business rules, and ad hoc requests  

  • Labeling – generates content for remote label printing via integration with the Authoring Module, eliminating the need to re-enter information and allowing organizations to achieve consistency among their regulatory documents

Bringing together industry and government best practices, ProSteward360 helps organizations manage and share information across the enterprise and around the world. By partnering with CGI, organizations can lower their overall costs and risks while increasing its productivity, responsiveness, and accelerate its ROI.