Digitization of hazard communication

ProSteward360 is an end-to-end solution that helps organizations of all sizes address hazard communication challenges by automating processes and operations while reducing costs. The solution helps product stewards meet global compliance obligations by digitizing harmonized processes across geographies and diverse product lines, resulting in improved data quality and consistency. Customizable workflows create sustainable processes to support compliance in new geographies, enabling product stewards to support opportunities in new markets.


Proactive alignment with regulatory and business developments

Our experienced hazard communication experts apply their knowledge and experience in transportation, dangerous goods, toxicology and chemical classification to track changing regulatory requirements and guide ProSteward360 capabilities to meet your global regulatory compliance needs. A sophisticated rules engine enables the implementation of country-specific adoptions of the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) and regulatory submissions (e.g. EU Poison Control, US SARA 311/312, etc.).

How ProSteward360 works

ProSteward360 facilitates sustainable practices to support product stewardship throughout the product life cycle. The solution enables organizations to manage a wide range of chemical, regulatory, toxicology, product, facility, and location data, as well as create, manage and distribute hazard communication documents. Customizable workflows and dashboards simplify the user experience and increase operational efficiency throughout the supply chain. ProSteward360 touches every aspect of the organization, from procurement and manufacturing, through to transport, warehousing, marketing and sales.

Key Benefits of ProSteward360

  • ProSteward360 helps companies streamline processes and obtain consistent compliance across the enterprise.

  • Scalable solution supporting small-to-medium enterprises to global Fortune 500 companies

  • Integrated solution enabling workplace safety and compliance across global facilities and assets

  • Global compliance support in more than 150 countries and 50 languages

  • Harmonized processes across geographies and diverse product lines improving data quality and consistency

  • Intelligent automation through process automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning driving reduced compliance costs

  • Mobility support providing ease of access to data that is fit for purpose within the workplace environment

  • Seamless interoperability with internal and regulatory agency systems

  • Single source of truth supporting centralized data management

  • Business intelligence and data analytics enabling compliance monitoring and insights

  • Knowledge sharing forum promoting the sharing of IT and regulatory expertise among industry peers

years supporting clients’ chemical safety and regulatory compliance
actively managed compliance documents common among client implementations
2 million+
documents stored in client archive repositories for compliance
efficiency gains in Safety Data Sheet (SDS) authoring operations
language/country document combinations supported
delivery success through the unique combination of IT and regulatory expertise


Automate global hazard communication with ProSteward360

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