Enhancing the value of data through advanced video analytics

CGI is trusted video analytics visionary, advisor and solutions provider for clients across the globe. We start with an idea, turn that idea into business value, and then scale it. We help clients expand and augment their current data strategies with video analytics, optimizing their operations and experiences. Our clients benefit from just-in-time video analytics combined with other advanced analytics to support real-time business decisions.

While we work closely with clients locally, we also deliver the strength of global insights. We value experimentation and learning and apply human psychology and empathy, enabling us to deliver pragmatic innovation. From engineers and technology specialists, to designers and domain experts, we bring deep knowledge and experience based on more than four decades of service to clients.

Driving customer insight and sales with real-time video analytics

Using video analytics, we helped Power—Finland’s consumer electronic giant—to identify patterns in the behavior of different customer segments.

Power is using these insights to drive targeted marketing campaigns and test the attractiveness of different products, services and messages.

“We have now a much more fundamental understanding of who our customers are,” said Mikko Inkeroinen, head of digital commerce at Power. “Targeted advertising has increased the sales of selected products by as much as 120%.”

Watch the video on cgi.com.

Envision using sight—the most powerful sense in nature—to drive your performance

  • Readiness assessment - Short assessment of client's current physical environment from a technology, security, HR and legal perspective
  • Co-creation workshop - Envision with the client, validate use cases, and prioritize prototyping
  • Rapid prototyping and proofing - Weekly sprints to prove the use case, and a 4-8 week project to deliver an MVP
  • Production and scale - Set up of production environment to scale the VA application at an enterprise level
  • Continuous improvement / managed services - DataOps service model to continuously improve and adapt the AI models; for managed services, we maintain the health of the platform