As an event organizer, what if you could digitally capture what attendees are experiencing as the event happens instead of relying on traditional post-event surveys? What if you could get real-time insight into people’s emotions at any given time or location during the event? Ruisrock, the most popular summer music festival in Finland, thought of the possibilities and turned to CGI for help. Through advanced video analytics, CGI enabled Ruisrock to capture more data on its 2017 festival crowd than it ever imagined, driving better decisions for an improved concert experience.

The challenge

Due to the limitations of traditional customer feedback, Ruisrock`s partner, Mellakka Helsinki, a leading marketing agency in Finland, contacted CGI. It wanted to go beyond traditional surveys and capture real-time data on concertgoers, including their emotional states throughout the festival.

The solution

CGI answered the call. Through advanced video analytics, including facial analytics and custom neural networks, we provided Ruisrock with rich, real-time data, including sentiment and demographic data, in real time and across festival grounds. With this data, Ruisrock gained valuable insight to help transform the concertgoer experience.

The results

  • Overall, 310 million data points were collected for analysis during Ruisrock’s 2017 summer festival. The data was
  • captured through the recording of 1.6 million facial expressions and from 300,000 GPS locations. With the data,
  • Ruisrock analyzed customer segments and emotions, such as identifying the happiest customer segments, including
  • the happiest ages for both men and women.

Through video analytics, Ruisrock has moved beyond traditional customer feedback, gaining access to rich digital data and insight that will drive its transformation and a better concert experience both now and in the years to come.

To learn more about CGI’s collaboration with Ruisrock, read our case study.