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The Voice of Our Clients (VOC) program is an excellent way for us to interact with our clients at a strategic and also very actionable level. During these one-on-one conversations, we listen to understand our clients’ challenges and successes. What...

Dilip Nair
Dilip Nair

Data, supply chain ecosystems, and the Great Cheese Crisis of 2022

April 17, 2023 Evolving a robust data management strategy and diligently executing on it can steer an organization around potential pitfalls (e.g., running out of cheese); and enable valuable insights to streamline operations, identify new opportunities for business growth, facilitate workforce retention, drive...

CGI earns a Solutions Partner for Microsoft Cloud designation, completing all six Solutions Partner requirements within the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program.

Together with the University of Tennessee Global Supply Chain Institute, we help retail organizations optimize their end-to-end supply chains by leveraging the power of data.

CGI signs a new five-year global framework contract by Sodexo, a French multi-national company, to accelerate its business transformation in key domains.

Seven recommendations to help you prioritize digital investments while tackling near- and long-term uncertainty

Rut Meyersson Afrell
Rut Meyersson Afrell

Adopting circular business models in retail and consumer goods

August 2, 2022 Embracing a circular model is a complex process that requires innovation supported by continuous feedback and change management. But it works, and the benefits are numerous.