In the world of retail, customer experience remains the highest global currency. As digital transformation continues to create new marketing and sales channels, consumer demands have risen far above simply expecting the right product at the right price. Now, it’s about excellence across the entire customer journey. To meet these expectations, retailers need real-time data from customers and their end-to-end supply chain. 

At CGI, we help our retail clients prioritize their digital investments and embrace the use of data to guide effective decision-making, improve operations and deliver a seamless omnichannel experience. The following are a few examples of these collaborations across the globe.

Becoming omnichannel operators via a unified commerce platform

The task of moving to omnichannel doesn’t have to be daunting. In less than 18 months, a home improvement retailer headquartered in France fully transformed their information system in Greece and Cyprus by implementing CGI Retail Suite, our unified solution covering the entire retail value chain. In this short period, all the key components of retail information (e.g., master data, supply chain, store back-office, POS, webstore and CRM) were renewed, enabling the retailer to launch e-commerce channels in both countries. 

Now, equipped with enterprise-wide accessible customer data and seamless management of customer orders beyond physical store boundaries, the company is taking a pivotal step in becoming a digital-first retailer. 

Human-centered design and analytics drive a new digital platform and personalized experiences 

U.S. fuel and convenience store chain Sheetz enlisted our human-centered design, technology and analytics expertise to help drive the vision and implementation of a new platform for their Made to Order (MTO) food program. By rolling out the new platform across more than 650 stores, Sheetz improved their data collection and analytics, gaining a deeper understanding of customer buying behavior to better tailor the user experience.

With a new MTO experience and custom menus at the order point to promote upsell opportunities, Sheetz customers are responding to personalized customer experiences with increased sales. 

A modular approach to digital transformation fosters operational excellence 

A French home improvement and DIY chain’s 300+ franchise stores depended on varied sales management and collection systems, which posed several challenges for operations, productivity and sales data. Deciding it was time in their digital transformation journey to evolve these management tools, the company chose CGI Retail Suite to replace these systems with one single solution, along with hosting and technical support. The client also implemented a mobile, easy-to-roll-out back- and front-office solution that enhances their stores’ commercial performance. 

With 20 stores currently using CGI Retail Suite and 280 transitioning to the solution, our client has already seen improvements in operational efficiency and customer experience, as a result of better sales productivity and seamless management of customer orders via mobile applications.

Digitizing information systems for seamless vendor and customer experiences

With 500 stores worldwide, a Franco-Belgian retailer unites four bespoke kitchen franchises and is a leader in the kitchen specialist sector. As more people work from home, this sector has grown significantly, driving demand for digital transformation. CGI consultants helped the company digitize tools and modernize information systems using the integration platform Boomi. Tools such as the 3D Kitchen Planner are available via an omnichannel approach, allowing customers to start a project from home and finalize it at the store. 

As part of this digital transformation, our client now has new best-of-breed solutions to delight customers, easily interface all applications using the iPaaS solution and optimize both vendor and customer experiences.

Omnichannel retail strategies and the path ahead

The stakes are high in the battle to win the wallet share of modern customers. Retail businesses must adapt quickly to user needs and evolving market dynamics, while maintaining a unified brand and customer experience. Omnichannel retail strategies provide brands with a single view of the customer across all channels, based on unified and robust data, leading to higher personalization and seamless customer experiences across channels. 

Our innovative services and solutions across the retail value chain help clients meet heightened customer expectations for unified experiences and sustainable products and services, while improving operational efficiencies to drive growth and profitability.

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